The High Cotton Story

Specializing in Southern men’s apparel and accessories, High Cotton Clothing brought to Tyler, Texas what it needed most. The doors of High Cotton Clothing opened in the Summer of 2011 and Texans have been “Rockin’ Out with their Cotton Out” ever since.

While attending college and traveling to countless football games across the Big 12 and SEC, Wade Fender was drawn to the style and attire across the South. There was something about men’s apparel in the South that exuded class and tradition, but left room to let loose. However, back home in Tyler, Texas, there was a void in places to buy the men’s fashion brands he became so accustomed to. Several years later, Wade noticed that there was still a lack of men’s clothing stores that carried the right brands, and became committed to the idea of opening a store specializing in Southern men’s apparel. And so he did. Today, High Cotton Clothing offers high quality, Southern inspired men’s apparel and men’s accessories accompanied with an unparalleled level of customer service.